Bojagi Wrap - Primary Bliss

Bojagi Wrap - Primary Bliss

Bojagi is a traditional Korean wrapping cloth, typically square and made from a variety of materials, although silk and ramie are most common. They are used to store family heirlooms, valuables, and to give gifts. These cloths marked special events where the use of a new cloth was believed to convey an individual's concern for that which was being wrapped, as well as respect for its recipient. The wrapping ensures love and good wishes are a part of the gift.  

Playing an important role in traditional Korean culture bojagi have been used to wrap, carry and store objects as well. Though beautiful they were not made as a pastime hobby, but were an integral part of daily life.  Women made clothes for their families and retained all of the offcuts.  These were then sorted and handsewn together to make wrapping cloths for the household.  Bojagi were the original reusable shopping bags!  How fitting!? 

In Waste Not Designs fashion I have considered this most amazing tradition and added a little flair of my own.  Not only do these beautiful cloths make a show stopping giftwrap, they also moonlight as scarves, headwraps, table cloths, wall hangings, and bento bags. The bojagi is generally kept by the giver, so we can keep with Korean tradition and present meaningful presents in our treasured cloths, or we can give a gift within a gift.  The choice is up to you!  


Tutorial including 6 ways to tie a bojagi is included with purchase. Please watch your email (junk mail too) after order is fulfilled.


Upcycled, pashmina,  28" x 28"